Afterpay available ✨Sparkle now, pay later. Free AU shipping over $100
Afterpay available ✨Sparkle now, pay later. Free AU shipping over $100



How to apply loose glitters: To add loose dry glitters on top of your pre applied Damed Body Glitter glue (out of stock) or Aloe Vera Gel or your Favourite body glue, you can use a dry blush-styled brush or sprinkle dry Glitter on top while wet. 



How do I remove Damed Hair Glitters? Use a comb to dry remove your glitter out of your hair.

Any remains of Hair product will wash out instantly! 


How do I remove face and body glitter? All DAMED Body Glitter glue’s & Damed Hair Glitter glues are water based for easy removal. 1.Remove with a dry method with a dry facewasher or sponge.

2. Then wash your face.


How can I remove my Face or Hair glitter without letting it wash down the drain? For ethical treatment of water systems, dry remove your glitter onto a smooth surface (like an A4 piece of paper, plastic bag, piece of fabric) and then empty into a waste bag or recollect into your designated glitter jar collection. 


Can I reuse any of Damed Glitters? If you dry remove your glitter after wearing it, you can reuse for personal use. You can hand wash your used glitter collection in a filtered laundry bag and air dry for re-purposing.


Are all your products biodegradable? No. Only products listed as “Plant-based Biodegradable” contain the infamous “Bio Glitter” biodegradable Glitter. Be sure to check your product descriptions. 

If glitter is not listed as Plant-based Biodegradable, what is it? We call it regular glitter. It is also known as PET glitter. Which is 'polythene terephthalate’ which is PLASTIC. It is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family.

I want Holographic, extra shiny, extra AF, Plant-based Biodegradable Glitter!? I’m sorry, Plant-based Biodegradable glitter currently is NOT created as Holographic (reflects Red/Green/Blue onto of it’s primary colour), is NOT Irridecent ( reflects a secondary colour) and is currently NOT cut in any other shapes (like stars, moons, diamonds) other than a HEX.


So all Holographic/Irridecent/Shape glitter is Plastic (PET) Glitter & not Biodegradable? Correct.


Is PET Glitter considered safe for cosmetic use? Yes. It is and has been approved for decades by all EU, FDA and AU cosmetic commissions, along with extensive testing. It is a safe plastic to be used near skin and eyes. If you are not sure who you feel about it, PET Glitter is exactly the same as Plastic water bottles, except shiny. 


How long will Damed Plant-based biodegradable Glitter glue stay on my skin? Damed Plant-based biodegradable Glitter glues will stay applied to your skin until you are ready to remove it. Variants of wearability based on your level of activness/sweating/hugging/rubbing the applied area.


Is Damed Plant-based Biodegradable glitter safe to use on my body?

Yes, Cosmetic grade Glitter space for Face, body & hair application.


Are all Damed Products Vegan & cruelty-free?



Tell me about your current DAMED Packaging?

Plastic packaging is recyclable. 


What else can you tell me about Plant-based Biodegradable Glitter products?

The Plant-based Glitter product used inside our Damed Body Glues are:


  • Certified as industry compostable, suitable for anaerobic digestion (absence of oxygen).
  • Non-GMO products
  • Fresh water & sea water Marine & waste water biodegradable.
  • Manufacturer claims safe for high heat & incineration. (You can burn it)
  • Complies with the EU & FDA regulations.
  • Glitters are not cardboard or thermoplastic recyclable.



Can you tell me about Plant-based Glitter biodegradability?


  1. What conditions are required for the sparkles to Biodegrade? Heat, water & oxygen are required for micro-organisms to effective do their work, they feast over time and turn the sparkles into carbon dioxide, water & biomass.
  2. Will the micro-organisim creep inside my jar and eat up all my sparkles when it is still in it's loose form, or if I leave it on the shelf, in the car, in the tent..? No silly! The sparkles will biodegrade only when it’s in the soil, compost or water-waste. If you introduce continuous moist dirty doof fingers to your loose glitter in it's jar, it may render the micro-organisms to be introduced early and shorten your products expiry date. So take care of your loose glitter products!
  3. So, just how long will my sparkle addiction leave no trace, in other words, biodegrade? The $3million dollar question, manufacturer tests claim 90% can compose in 180 days under the right conditions that our little buddy micro-organisms like to live & get to work; in soil, with water and oxygen, maybe longer in your own home compost, or pocket-lint compost.
  4. But I just don’t get how the sparkles are biodegradable, what does that really mean!? These sparkles are created from Plant-based material at 72%, a Cellulose derivative, a natural source polymer, from plant cells. The rest of these tiny little hexagon particles contain natural and naturally derived materials to hold it together and make the product non-static, along with the colouring and cosmetically approved metallic like colourant.