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Afterpay available ✨Sparkle now, pay later. Free AU shipping over $100


Mad Dame has this incredible energy that lifts you up and inspires you from her very first bubbly hello!

Her playfulness and creativity is second to none. She takes you on a journey of self exploration both in a physical and mental form. 

I’ve had the pleasure of being DAMED several times over the years, from glitter shoots, digital drawings to being drawn as a Sad Girl when I was at my most broken point. When I saw the chance to have 1 of these therapeutic Sad Girl Drawings done… you know I jumped at it!

Kitten Von Minx

I simply could not be any happier with my Glitter Goddess experience with Mad Dame, from start to finish. Not only do I get the most beautiful photos at the end, but a whole deep life experience, where we pondered life, she listened, she talked, we shared, she made me look beautiful, doing my make up as well as the glitter. She encouraged me through stepping out of my comfort zone into a freezing ice cold water (what didn’t kill me could only make me stronger)…and it was a pleasure to have this experience. If you ever get the chance…I say do it!


I was invited by Pyra Teknix to ‘get damed’ by the amazing Mad Dame. This whole experience was just wonderful. I did not stop smiling, and felt uplifted and changed! And more creatively positive and connected in the most unique way to what I’ve felt before. Thank you for this experience you two gorgeous humans. I highly recommend you getdamed glitter yourself!

Tugboat Tiffy

“I absolutely adore my collection of Damed Glitters! Each is so unique and beautiful with an abundance of colours, shapes and combinations to choose from! They all have their own spirit and style to match my different looks. Love it!”


“I love Damed glitter not only because they are beautiful and they make you feel beautiful, but the creator of Damed is inspirational and beautiful inside and out.”