online store open until December 23rd.
online store open until December 23rd.
Ÿoni Glitter

Ÿoni Glitter

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You’ve stumbled across Mad Dame’s Photoshoot Experiences, set up so that you can Payment Plan Via AfterPay! 💕
  • “An ancient styled experience to feel liberated”
  • This is offered as an add on to your current shoot package only.
  • Using Sensitive & Safe body glitter, body art applications, Mad Dame will adorn your YONI (p*ssy, V-gina, Labia, all of it) in Metallic Artwork.
  • You will receive 3 Artwork images & a free 5x7 print.
  • Additional images & prints can be ordered.
  • Explore my Full body glitter artworks via Mad Dame gallery here. 


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